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When ordering a new subscription box, part of the fun can be the surprise of finding something new, fun, and unexpected when you open it! But it’s also important to know just exactly what you’re signing up for. At the Ginger Quilter, we’re excited to provide you with everything a busy quilter needs to work on beautiful, fun quilting projects from start to finish. When you get your Ginger Quilter subscription box, here’s what you can expect to find inside!

Everything you need to get started is in your subscription box!

Fabric, Materials, & Notions

What would a project be without the materials you need to get started? Probably one of the most fun things about quilting, but also the most daunting, is picking out coordinating patterns, colors, and types of fabric, so we make it easy for you! We’ll send you all the fabric, batting, thread, and more that you need to complete your project. If it’s a special project that requires notions that most quilters won’t have, we’ll also include those, too!

Easy to follow directions are included in your Ginger Quilter box!


Of course, a project is pretty difficult to start if you don’t have a pattern to use! We pick and choose exciting, seasonal patterns that are easy to create within the month you receive them and fun to make and display once you’re done! We also make sure that our patterns are easy to understand, follow, and complete, but if you have any questions, you can always check out our blog for tips and tricks, or contact us directly!

Enjoy monthly surprise goodies from your quilting subscription box!

Snacks & Surprises

What would quilting be without some snacks to munch on while you work on your cutting, piecing, and finishing? Not as fun, we think. That’s why we also include some delicious snacks and exciting surprise goodies to get you going in our monthly boxes! Each month’s surprises are going to be a little bit different, but they’re all designed to bring out the joy of quilting and brighten your month.

Get inspired for future projects with the Ginger Quilter subscription!


Do you have a fabric stash that just doesn’t seem to get any smaller, despite how often you pull from it? Well, be prepared to use it up (or have another excuse to visit the local quilt shop, we don’t judge), because we also send inspiration ideas with every Ginger Quilter monthly box! Whether you’ve been thinking about whipping up another big quilt, adding some pretty pillows to your guest room, or some other fun project to help you pare down your stash, you can find fun and exciting ideas monthly in your subscription box!

Quilting monthly doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming

Instead, enjoy the fun of quilting without having to find and put everything together yourself with the Ginger Quilter monthly subscription! We set you up with everything you need to work on fun and exciting projects each and every month. Subscribe by the 20th of each month to get the following month’s box and get started today!

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