Feel inspired to use up your quilt scraps and fall in love with your fabric stash again!

You’ve fallen in love with quilting and made countless masterpieces for your home!

… but now you’re facing a new problem. What on earth do you do with all this leftover fabric??

You paid good money for that yardage in the first place and it’s a crime to just throw it in the trash. 

Luckily, there’s a monthly membership for passionate fabric hoarders collectors like you where inspiration flows and curated scrappy project patterns are delivered right to your inbox.

Give your scraps the second life they deserve!

You're Invited to Join

The Scrappy Society

A Monthly Club for Quilt Enthusiasts that Delivers Joy and Inspiration to Your email inbox

As a Member of the Scrappy Society each month you’ll receive:

A new and unique quilt pattern for a bite-sized quilt project you can finish in a month.

A non-quilt project idea to put those scraps to use in practical ways.

Monthly step-by-step video tutorials to complete your projects.

Sew-cial Hour where you can visit with other members while you sew.

Monthly giveaways and incentives to finish and share your work.

Access to a private FB group of supportive, quilt-loving women to share inspiration, tips and tricks, and encouragement.

Motivation to use what you have, rather than always buying new.

Special surprises and an extra little treat to make you smile.

The encouragement and inspiration to make time for quilting every month!

The Scrappy Society

The Scrappy Society by the Ginger Quilter helps passionate quilters, just like you, find the magic in your fabric stash. Projects patterns are sent to your email inbox and posted in the private group on the 5th of each month.


Monthly Membership





How It Works

step 1

Start your membership by placing an order for your The Scrappy Society. 

Subscribe to The Ginger Quilter Box
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step 2

We curate and create quilting patterns and ideas for your monthly projects that will come directly to your email inbox.

step 3

Your quilt and project patterns will arrive in your email on the 5th of every month.  As soon it arrives, you can get your scraps ready and start right away. Tutorials will be posted in our exclusive Facebook group. Enjoy your creative quilting time!

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Hear from other quilters!

I’m so excited to use up my scraps. One of my goals is to not get so far behind on them and just make more beautiful quilts!

Erynn G.

I have so many beautiful scraps from past projects that I can’t bear to throw away. But I am never quite sure what to make with them. I’m excited for some inspiration to use them up and enjoy them. 

Jenni S.

I’m so excited to use up my scraps. One of my goals is to not get so far behind on them and just make more beautiful quilts!


Winnie P.

Hi! I’m Natalie…

a serial quilter who dipped my toe into this world in 2015 and quickly fell head first into a quilting obsession. Like many of my subscribers, quilting gives me an outlet for my own personal growth and creativity when the wonderful (but sometimes draining) tasks of motherhood have worn me down. One quilt at a time, I can create beauty in my home and leave my mark on the world in a small way

My goal is to encourage other quilty women to put time aside for doing something they love. This led me to create The Ginger Quilter Box, a monthly subscription box for quilters. We all have lots of responsibilities and distractions, but quilting keeps us in touch with our own selves and creative dreams. It can, however, be a pricey hobby. So I was inspired to create the Scrappy Society to help quilters make the best use of the fabric they have already purchased. You loved it enough to buy it once, so let’s give that fabric a second life and fill up your creative bucket in the process! 

 What Kind of Projects Will We Get?

Our monthly mission is to help you use up your fabrics that are already in your fabric stash. We know you love quilts and will continue to inspire your quilting creativity with a mix of unique and traditional patterns. We will also inspire you to find new and practical ways to use your fabrics. 

Small Projects
quilt patterns
New Blocks
New Ideas
It’s More than projects and patterns, a creative community is waiting for you!

One of the best parts about The Scrappy Society is the community that we’re stitching together.

Every month,  we share progress, tips, and encouragement in our private FB community. Join us today for the joy of the process and the results.

Sew friend, are you ready to tackle your scrap pile and make some beautiful quilts?

Whether you are a life long quilter or just love the scrappy look,  our scrap friendly quilting projects in the Scrappy Society will have you (and your new found community) celebrating your quilt project achievements.

If you’re ready to gift yourself the joy of creativity and a little more room in your cabinets, we’re ready to welcome you to The scrappy society!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in each month?

Each month, you’ll recieve two patterns: one quilt pattern and one non-quilt pattern.

**Non-quilt patterns could be a decor item, a pot holder, a gift item, etc. We hope to inspire you to use your fabric in unique and practical ways.

We will also host one live Sew-cial Hour monthly for members to visit while they create their projects.

There is also a monthly giveaway for any quilters who have finished and posted their projects in the private facebook group. Giveaways are sponsored by Natalie, the Ginger Quilter, and by guest creators. 

How will I be billed?

When you place your order, you’ll be charged for the first month right away. After that, you’ll be billed on the 1st of each month for subsequent months. For example, if you subscribe on the 15th, you’ll be charged on the 15th. You will have access to the Facebook group right away. The next month you’ll be charged on the 1st. Patterns arrive on the 5th in your email and in the Facebook group. 

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely! We will miss you a lot, but you can cancel whenever you’d like. You can log into your account or send us an email at natalie@thegingerquilter.com. If your payment has already been processed, the cancellation will affect the following month–not the one you already paid for.

Can I get a refund?

Given the nature of the membership and the patterns we create, any monthly membership that has already been billed is non-refundable.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, the Scrappy Society is a digital-only membership.