If you’ve been a subscriber of the Ginger Quilter Box for awhile — you may have some scraps from your beautiful projects hanging around. If you’re like me, I’m hesitant to let go of usable fabric, even in small pieces. But then I’m left with the problem of how to store my fabric scraps. There are multiple ways to store your scrap fabric effectively. The two ways I like to store my fabric scraps are by size and by color.

Storage Bins for Fabric Scraps

I highly recommend clear storage bins for fabric scraps. It makes everything visible and easier to find. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can get them with and without lids and most of them are stackable — making it easy to store lots of scrap fabric, even in small spaces. Here are some of my favorite storage bins:

3″x12″ Organizer

This bin is great for small squares. I like to store my mini charm packs stacked in these bins. You can easily flip through all your different pieces quickly, which means more time for actual sewing! This size of storage bin also works great for 2.5′ strips or leftover jelly roll pieces. You will need to fold them in order to make them fit but this way you will be able to access each individual piece vs. having them rolled up.



12″x6″x4″ Organizer

This bin is probably the my most used bin, because it’s the perfect size for fat quarters. The way I fold my fat quarters (at home and for my boxes) means they stack perfectly and stay folded in these bins. I make sure to put the single fold on the top so the fat quarters are easy to grab when it’s time to sew.

12″x12″ Organizer

For those who have unused layer cake blocks or bigger pieces of fabric yardage, these bins are a great option. They are also great for half-finished quilts or projects, to keep all your pieces together. They are stackable and have handles — which are perfect if you’re travelling to a sewing day with friends.

Sorting Fabric by Color

I like to sort my scraps by both color and size. It makes it easier when I’m looking to pull together scraps for quilts or sewing projects. My one exception to this is holiday fabric. I love to sew for the holidays and I like to keep my major holidays — Christmas, Halloween, and 4th of July separate — rather than storing them by color.

This is one of my recent scrap projects and it came together so quickly! For this project, I actually used scrap packs from Moda, and I have a few left over that I put into kits! Grab yours here.

Spooky Darlings Quilt Kit

How do you store your fabric scraps?

Do you have a system that works for you?

I’d love to know if you just store your fabric scraps or if you are in the habit of actually using them. I’m making a concentrated effort to get my fabric scraps get out of those bins and make good use of them!