Telescoping Magnet Wand

Telescoping Magnet Wand

Telescoping Magnet Wand

Meet the telescoping magnetic wand, your new sidekick for stress-free quilting! Tired of playing the pin-drop-and-bend game? Well, we’ve got your back – literally!

This handy tool is like a superhero for your quilting table. No more awkward stretches or yoga moves to pick up pins – just whip out this bad boy, extend it to a chill 25 inches, and let the magic happen. Say goodbye to the floor-reaching struggle!

And when the quilting day is done, our buddy shrinks down to a cute 5 inches. Toss it in your pocket, stash it in your kit – it’s your on-the-go quilting BFF.

The magnetic tip? Oh, it’s strong enough to pull in pins like a pro, saving you from the pin-picking Olympics. No more finger acrobatics – let this magnet wand do the heavy lifting while you focus on the fun stuff.

Built to last and easy on the eyes, this little wonder is all about making your quilting life breezier. So, kick back, relax, and quilt like a boss with your telescoping magnet wand– because quilting should be a party, not a pin-dropping workout! 🧵✨

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