Blue for You Chamomile Quilt Kit


Looking for a beautiful, easy-to-make quilt? Look no further than the Blue for You Chamomile Quilt kit! The stunning custom bundle of blue fabrics and simple pattern are ideal for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Plus, the finished product is perfect for snuggling up or adding a cozy touch to any room.

Blue for You Chamomile Quilt Kit

The Blue for You Chamomile Quilt kit is perfect for anyone who loves the color blue. It includes a custom bundle of fabrics in various shades of blue and a gorgeous pattern called Chamomile from Woodberry Way. The quilt measures 69 by 84 inches, which is just right for getting cozy on the couch or adding a touch of coziness to your bedroom.

The best part? This kit includes the pattern and all the fabric you need to make the top, including the border, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for matching fabrics. Plus, the quilt pattern is beginner-friendly, with only squares to put together.

What’s really amazing about this quilt is how it brings out the beauty of each individual fabric. Every square is carefully arranged to make sure the design looks cohesive and, boy, does it look stunning! You won’t believe how gorgeous it is until you see it in person.

Whether you’re new to quilting or you’re looking to expand your skills, the Blue for You Chamomile Quilt kit is perfect for you. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


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