Growing up, my mom always bought us kids a valentine on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it was a little bag of candy, sometimes a cute pair of socks. Even now, she often sends us Valentines in the mail. I love Valentine’s Day because it reminds us to share little acts of love, even if it’s just a little bit of chocolate. With that in mind, I designed the January Ginger Quilter Box with a clever pattern, fabric, and notions centering around the theme of Love Notes. 

Valentine Love Notes by Jane Michel

When curating a box, sometimes I start with the fabric, sometimes the pattern. Things usually fall into place one I settle on a decision. This pattern was the foundation for the whole box and everything just fell into place (even if the fabric got stuck in a shipping container)! 

Valentine's Day Pillow project pattern included in the Ginger Quilter Box

Sugar and Spice by Lindsay Wilkes for Riley Blake Designs 

Due to shipping delays, this bundle of fabric was actually my Plan B for this box. Now that I look at it, I think I might like it better than my Plan A. The postal-style stripes and envelopes are just 100% on theme. In fact, I’m shocked I didn’t pick this in the first place. See what I mean about things falling into place? 

Fabric bundle and scissors included in the Ginger Quilter Box

Polka Dot Mini Scissors

I think the sock gnomes in my house have a giant hoard of small scissors like this somewhere because I lose them constantly. I sent these cute scissors because if you’re like me, you need a new set. If you have remedies for the sock gnomes, send me a DM.

Love Notes by Paprika Paperie

These notes just make it stupid easy to leave a kind note for someone. And look! They have the same postal stripes as the fabric. I hope you can take the time to send a thoughtful thank you or love note to the people closest to you. In the words of my 4 year old–it’s easy peasy!

Love Notes by Paprika Paperie included in the Ginger Quilter Box

Candy Club Cinnamon Bears / Trolli Strawberry Puffs

Cinnamon bears are a bit of a local favorite here in Utah, except we like them best when dipped in chocolate. I thought that might be a little “out there” for some folks so I stuck with the basics for this month. 

I started by planning on the cinnamon bears, but got so many new subscribers that I had to add more treats. Not a bad problem to have! Since I couldn’t get more cinnamon bears, a handful of people got the strawberry puffs. I sampled both and they both passed my deliciousness test. 

Looking Forward

Next month, the theme will be Sewing Room. I love sewing sewing-themed things. It’s so meta. So if you have been searching for a subscription box for quilters and are looking to fully embrace your sewcialista status, buckle up for next month! Subscribe here!