Take a peek into this month’s Ginger Quilter Box with our Jane Austen box reveal!

Upon being struck with inspiration for this month’s theme, I could scarce believe that it had not occurred to me sooner. For, as I hold the esteemed Miss Austen in such great regard, it seemed a natural fit for The Ginger Quilter Box. The task of curating pieces for this box has been a particular pleasure. My deepest desire is to create a box that will bring delight upon opening. I sincerely hope it meets with your approval.

Alright, I’m not sure I can keep up this language for the whole blog post, but I’d like to thank ChatGPT for flawlessly translating my own language into Jane Austen-ese. Pretty impressive, right?

Miss Woodhouse Pattern by Sara Lucille Handmade

This beautiful pattern, which inpsired the theme for this entire box, refers to Emma Woodhouse from the novel Emma. I enjoy this book because it reminds me that the act of making stupid decisions, even if well-intended,  is a universal problem–not just a me problem.

I don’t typically hang a lot of quilts in my house, but this one is so pretty it has me looking for empty wall space. There are lots and lots of half square triangles in this pattern, which may be tricky, but I promise it’ll be worth it. Keep at it.

For more from Sara Lucille Handmade, check out her website here.


Confetti Cotton Solids Bundle

There are 12 total colors in this custom bundle. I chose them to follow the same color scheme as the cover photo, not knowing they would turn out to make a really pretty rainbow. Most of the pieces are 1/4 yard so they are interchangeable if you’d like to mix up the color placements. Please note that the Pear color is 1/8 yard so that one cannot be changed around. I labeled the colors above so you can see how I laid them out.


Antique Thread Cutter Charm

This fun little charm is designed to easily cut threads, making it the perfect accessory for a quilter. So whether you’re sitting at the sewing machine or need to snip a loose thread, this charm is ready to help out.  It would also nicely complement your next regency ball gown.

Rose-Scented Candle

My office smelled like amazing for about a week after I packed all these candles. I love the smell of roses. When I was choosing this candle, I found a similar one that smelled like gardenia. I looove gardenia. But instead of a cute butterfly on it, it had an ugly bird. So the butterfly and rose scent won out. I hope your house or your sewing space smell like fresh cut roses this month. And when you’re done, you can use the tin to store your binding clips or bobbins. Bonus!

Pride and Peppermints

These peppermints have only genius, wit, and taste to recommend them. Or at least that’s what the container says. How was I supposed to resist these adorable mint tins while I was looking for the perfect treat for a Jane Austen box? They might not be the sweetest treat, but they pack a punch. Your breath will be minty for days after you eat one of these. Ok maybe not days, but they are strong, which  may come in handy when a suitor calls at your door. 

The Jane Austen box was probably one of my very favorites to curate. I had a ball researching all the JA fan products that are out there. If you missed this box and still want one, you can snag one here.

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