universal magnetic seam guide

Sewing tools come in all shapes and sizes. Each month in the Ginger Quilter box, we include a notion to compliment your sewing projects. If you are a Ginger Quilter Box subscriber, you received this handy notion in your June 2023 box. Let’s walk through how to use a magnetic seam guide to get practically perfect seams every time you sew.

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What is a magnetic seam guide?

A magnetic seam guide is a universal tool that works on almost any sewing machine. This small tool is only about two inches long. To use this sewing tool, your sewing machine will need to have a metal needle plate. The seam guide attaches to this metal plate and creates a 3D guide for your fabric to glide against.  Your sewing machine may already have markings for various seam allowances, however, these are hard to see when you are actually sewing. This raised barrier helps ensure that your fabric doesn’t slide or slip, causing uneven seam widths.

How to attach a magnetic seam guide

To attach your magnetic seam guide, clear off the needle plate. Raise the presser foot on your sewing machine to give you more room to place the guide. If you have used a seam guide tape or other adhesive guide, try cleaning the plate with an alcohol wide to remove any lasting residue. Once the needle plate is clean and dry, put the magnetic seam guide on the plate. Because it is magnetic, you should feel it attach. Make sure the side with extended arms are facing the the presser foot. Your seam guide should be parallel to your presser foot.

Sewing perfect seams

Now that your seam guide is properly attached, it’s time to start sewing. While the magnet is strong, it can still be moved. Make sure you use a ruler and check your seam allowance when starting a new project. Re-adjust the seam guide as needed throughout use. Using pins or clips will help you keep your fabrics in exactly the right spots are you are sewing your pieces together. I know you may want to blitz through your chain piecing, but along with good tools, patience is going to be key in getting practically perfect seams.

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