With the Orange Peel theme for this box, the orangey puns are rich in my mind. All I can say is that the details are juicy.ย  I think this box will really a-peel to you.

Orange Peel Pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

The Orange Peel is a traditional block and common quilting motif that can be made several ways. This pattern uses a light fusible interfacing that you sew and flip to get those perfect curved edges.

Love, Lily by April Rosenthal for Moda

This line of fabric is a great blender with lots of different colors. My hope is that you will be able to blend in lots of pieces from your own stash. In addition to being a colorful bundle of fabric, this
line is special to me because I have a daughter named Lily. She is super energetic and vibrant so it
seems fitting.

Orange Peel Template by Missouri Star Quilt Co.

This little tool will be your secret weapon while making this quilt. Stack a few charm squares, line up this ruler, and BAM! You’ve got perfect little football shapes to start sewing. I don’t have a lot of experience with specialty rulers so I was blown away with how easy it was to use and how helpful it was!

Sewing subscription box bath bomb tic tacs

Mandarin Coconut Bath Bomb

When I ordered these, I didn’t expect them to be the size of Jupiter! This yummy mandarin coconut bath bomb is a good excuse to slow down, take a soak, and relax.

Orange Tic Tacs

I’m not sure how these count as a breath mint because I don’t think my breath has ever been improved by one, but they sure taste good.

Looking Forward

Next month, you can look forward to a summery, beachy, sunshiny box. You’ll be ready to the warmer days ahead!

If you would like to add this Orange Peel box to your sewing stash, head to www.gingerquilterbox.com to snag yours!