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We quilters all know the struggle to sit down and focus on your UFOs (unfinished objects) and balancing your passion projects with everyday tasks and needs. Whether you struggle with focusing during the monotonous tasks of binding and pinning, or you find yourself feeling guilty for quilting instead of doing something else, we understand! At the Ginger Quilter, we know that being a busy quilter means that you don’t always have time for just one task. Here are four background tasks you can take care of while you quilt!

Catch Up On a TV Show

One of the best ways to multitask while quilting is to have a show you’ve been meaning to catch up on playing in the background! Whether you’re re-watching an old favorite or you’re following up on a TV recommendation from friends or family, watching while you quilt can be a great way to multitask and unwind at the same time. If you can’t have your sewing machine near a TV, playing your show on a tablet, laptop, or even your phone can all be great options so you can easily watch while in your sewing space.

Listen to New Media

Whether you’ve been meaning to pick up that new book or listen to a new album from your favorite music artist, quilting is the perfect time to plug in those headphones and get listening! Once you’ve decided which new book you’re going to start, (which we know is a struggle all its own!), you can easily download the audio version and spend your quilting time in a fictional world! Or, if you prefer to listen to music, connect to a streaming service or download that new album and get lost in the music while you make some progress on your quilting project.

Catch Up On Your Favorite Podcast

Who doesn’t love a great podcast? Whether you’re into true crime, story telling, or even quilting podcasts, you can turn your quilting time into quality personal time by plugging in and listening while you sew. Next time you need some quality sewing time, take the chance to unplug from the rest of the world while you learn about new things or listen to other quilters talk. Download your favorite podcast, or stream it from your favorite service to ensure that you don’t run out of podcast before you’re done quilting for the day!

Quality Time In or Outdoors

Keeping up with friends isn’t always easy when you’re a busy quilter. Whether your schedule makes it difficult to get out and about for fun, you’re nervous about interacting with the public, you can still make the most of your time and see your friends or family!Multi-task and create a fun event by invite your quilting friends over for an old-fashioned quilting get-together. Even if it’s just you and one other friend, catching up and chatting over your latest projects is a great way to multitask while making your day better. If you’re nervous about close contact, you can also spend some time together under the sun by taking your hand sewing projects outside to your porch or backyard and soak up some rays while you work on your binding, applique, or embroidery.

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As a busy quilty person, you know that finding the time to relax and work on your quilting projects can sometimes feel like it’s practically impossible. Instead of feeling guilty or talking yourself out of taking some quality sewing time, we suggest finding background tasks to work on while you quilt! Learn more about our mission to empower quilters or subscribe to our monthly quilting box today!

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